Porsche Incorporating AI Into Their Vehicles

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We see this in our daily lives when we speak to “Alexa” or “Siri.” The systems use AI to analyze what we say and give an appropriate response. However, the more we ask, and ask with a variety of speech patterns, the system learns unique phrases or inflections of a person’s voice. In turn, allowing for their system to have improved responses that are more personal. For many of us, it slips our mind that these useful systems are, in fact an AI system. John McCarthy, founder of the Dartmouth Conference states, “As soon as it works, no-one calls it AI anymore.” 


Altering the traditional system of binary inputs – 0 or 1, on or off – newer inputs allow for a range of values between 0 and 1. Using a variety of values in combination with threshold values, enables the system to dynamically analyze information. Through a series of “deep learning,” the AI is able to identify and make statements about previously unseen images, recognize patterns, and so forth. 

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Porsche’s safety systems that are already equipped on vehicles are benefitting from “deep learning,” and respond better to the driver’s habits. In a study done by Porsche, they found that after weeks of the systems learning the driver’s habits, the vehicle was able to drive itself. Though a few shortcomings were found in the identification of items that make their first appearance and needed special reactions. Fortunately, the steering wheel remains the main controller and can override at any moment. This system of both, autonomous driving and inputs from the steering wheel, is known as a hybrid system. Experts predict that shortly, hybrid systems will be standard in the automotive industry.  

Taking a dynamic and innovative approach to the automotive industry, Porsche constantly adapts and remains a leader. “Deep learning” allows for their systems to adapt and give the most relevant feedback possible. Together they create the ultimate driving experience. 


Porsche — there is no substitute. 

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