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Everyone knows the pain of swarming a parking lot for what seems to be years, finally finding a spot, zipping over to it, and realizing the spot to be too small. Even worse, the driver one spot over just carelessly parked too close, and now either you won’t be able to open your door and get out, or you risk dinging the careless driver’s vehicle. Recognizing struggles like this and actively working to find a solution, Porsche has created Remote Park Assist. This new feature offers a slew of handy solutions to the issues faced when trying to park.

Utilizing all the high-tech smart assistance systems the vehicle is equipped with, Remote Park Assist amplifies existing features and surfaces new ones. Parking spot search is a feature that will look and highlight spots detected to be suitable while driving past. It will even find spots on the left side of the road, parallel spots, or right angle spaces that are open. After the spot is detected and selected, the driver can get out of the vehicle, open their smartphone and use Remote Park Assist. The only thing the driver needs to do is hold the OK button on the screen until the car is swiftly self-maneuvered into nearly any spot. The best part of this is since the driver doesn’t need to be behind the wheel, they can get out with their things and the Porsche can park in spots that may have been too narrow if the driver had to open the door.

This useful feature may seem simple — the car backs itself into a spot — however, it is highly complex. Twelve ultrasonic sensors, 4 high-tech processors, and twenty other control units are all hard at work analyzing these parking spots and ensuring it is a good fit for your vehicle. With Surround View, four cameras create a virtual image providing a 360° view of the car on the computer screen. The driver can scope around with the flick of a finger to see other angles. Remaining cautious of the surroundings and safety, if the system detects high curbs, a post, or even a pedestrian, it will stop and reevaluate to make the proper adjustment. 

While this amazing new feature can be explained away with many words, the best way to really understand how fine-tuned the technology has become — is to experience it in person.


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