Light and Fast: New Porsche 911 or Lightning?


Speed up with the new Porsche 911. With added innovative features and sustainable production, you will feel both sporty and satisfied with this vehicle. 


In today’s world, optimization is a continual, ongoing mission—especially for Porsche. Out of all the speed and performance factors the brand has taken into minute consideration, weight optimization is at the top of that list. 


One of the biggest innovations found in the Porsche 911 is the development of fully aluminum side panels. This evolution has come a long way in comparison to the 2004 model of this vehicle, which was made completely of steel. In addition, design additions such as rear-axle steering, improved passenger cell stiffness, and innovative joining methods were also made. These changes are all contributing factors to the vehicle’s new and improved, lightweight design. 


Why exactly is this change of material so revolutionary? It’s simple: moving towards a lightweight design ensures improved fuel efficiency, start time, safety, and stability. Did we mention they also pursue sustainable production as well? 


Porsche has always been keen on weight optimization and one way to be sure of this is through the weight-to-power ratio. The lower the ratio the better, and the new Porsche 911 achieved its lowest ratio of its family thus far. This is an ongoing trend that is not only due to consistently decreasing weight, but increasing engine power as well. This is an exciting feat for Porsche and its drivers, and is one that is projected to only get better. 


According to Jens Christlein, the head of body structure engineering at Porsche AG, “Lightweight construction lies in Porsche’s genetic heritage, we always had weight optimization right there at the top of our agenda.” Future plans include a further push towards even lighter materials like magnesium or carbon, which could put Porsche at the forefront of the lightweight vehicle movement. 


Did we mention they also pursue sustainable production as well? This is the embodiment of the Porsche motto: “Full spectrum—full synergy.”  

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