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Game engines are not only elevating entertainment – they are now shaping the future of mobility.

At Porsche Engineering, Unreal software, a game engine that generates imagery in the hit computer game Fortnite is an everyday tool that helps designers visualize components and teach assistance systems. It is clearly driving vehicle development to new heights. 

Here’s how:

·        Simulation of Driver Assistance Systems

The algorithms of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) need tons of validation and training. Using game engines, parts of highways can be recreated for training. Every eventuality can also be played out, including those that cannot be done in real life due to safety reasons – the sun blinding the on-board cameras; an animal running into the road; or a car in front unexpectedly brakes. The scenario play is limitless and can be manipulated down to the smallest details, helping create and recreate every potential scenario until the driver assist system perfects how to react in all situations.


The time it takes to be conducted is also outstanding. Ionut Tripon, head of the team for the digital test tracks at Porsche Engineering Cluj said, “What takes hours in reality can be reduced in seconds.”



·        Virtual Reality Tests

Making what does not yet exist visible – that’s the power of game engines that is seen to further improve the buying experience of customers. Soon, you will be able to take a virtual seat in your purchased vehicle, long before it arrives.


Porsche is now in the test phase for a Virtual Reality Car Configurator. It’s like a showroom that shows customers three-dimensional simulation instead of real prototypes. With a gaming PC and connected VR glasses, you can witness a 3D simulation of your dream car on site. Not to mention, you can walk around it, take a virtual seat, and inspect the rims and interior up close! The scenery can even be changed from day to night setting for you to see the headlights.



·        Realistic Effects

Flawless effects are being created by Porsche without much programming effort. The physics engine makes sure that things in the game behave like they do in real life scenarios. It’s not expensive either!


Porsche is always on the lookout on ways to further improve its vehicle development, and the service it gives to customers. Gaming engines have presented both. It’s a brilliant way of repurposing existing technology for visualizing your dream build and to enhance, maybe even perfect features a vehicle can offer.

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