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Throughout life, it is natural that we want our adventures on the street or on the track to continuously level up. In order to attain new heights, a sports car that does not compromise on innovation or performance is necessary. 

Now boasting of technical highlights, driver engagement and track-day glory, the new Porsche 911 GT3 will surely not disappoint. The engineers who developed it pursued a powerful goal – to further enhance the already strong, high-performance sports car without compromising its everyday usability.

The aerodynamics of the new 911 GT3 has been developed in around 700 simulations, through 160 hours of fine-tuning in Porsche’s wind tunnel. Here, physical influences on the track were replicated.

“We simulate every conceivable driving situation. We make the car roll, pitch and yaw; we do not just drive straight ahead,” aerodynamics engineer Mathias Roll explained.

Now, the 911 GT3 is toughened up and packed with undeniable technological progress in aerodynamics.

·        New Aerodynamic Design

For the first time, a suspended rear wing has been tailor made for a Porsche series production car. The all-new 911’s swan neck mounting is used in a form similar in the one-make cup racing 911 GT3 Cup, and the GT racing car 911 RSR. With two aluminum brackets holding the wing element from above, the airflow passes undisturbed across the underside – making it aerodynamically more sensitive. This new design means less difficulty in acceleration since the engine no longer has to work as hard to drive the car through the wall of air.


·        More Downforce

Through the new design, there is a reduction in the flow losses. Not only was a well-balanced negative lift condition achieved, the 911 GT3 now generates 50% more downforce than its predecessor model. It’s implication? More grip and stability at higher speeds!


·        High-revving Engine

The engine of the new GT3 ran at full throttle for more than 22,000 hours on the test rig. Eagerly responding when the accelerator is pressed, the engine’s output displayed 510 PS which is 10 PS higher compared to the GT3 predecessor model. It delivered a maximum 8,400 rpm power, and the electronic limiter cuts in on the engine’s high-revving ability at 9,000 rpm. The maximum torque featured an increase from 460 to 470 Nm. With oil supply for the high-revving engine seen as vital, it has been designed like those used in motorsport.


Aside from the test rig, the engine was also tested on the track. Six hundred emission tests were conducted during the development to meet the strict standards in terms of the engine’s endurance. Ultimately, the new 911 displayed its power on the oval at Nardo, Italy – where it had to perform flawlessly at a constant speed of 300 km/h, on a continuous stretch of more than 5,000 kilometers, only stopping to refuel.

Your definition of an exhilarating drive will never be the same again with the all-new Porsche 911 GT3. Delivery of the sports car is set for May 2021. 

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